yuankun(7) - Linux manual page

YUANKUN(7)                 Linux Programmer's Manual                 YUANKUN(7)
        yuankun - a code hunter
        yuankun --father
        yuankun --coder
        yuankun --linux
        yuankun --devops
        yuankun --opensource
        Greetings, digital explorer! Standing in front of you is a coding
        connoisseur who lives and breathes the binary. I'm too busy steering
        my CPU now, find me in the gaps between the CPU instructions!
            In 2021, my role in my family tree evolved from being a mere
            leaf to a vital internal node. Becoming a father has been no
            walk in the park, but it's undoubtedly the most rewarding role
            I've ever undertaken. I'm all set to learn, evolve, and grow
            together with my new leaf node.
            I'm proficient in several languages including C, C++, Golang,
            Java, Python, and JavaScript. Generally I prefer statically
            typed languages over dynamically typed languages.

            I've embarked on my latest quest to master the art of Rust.
            Irony? Perhaps, since I don't intend to let my skill oxidize.
            Zig seems to be an interesting and promising "C replacement".
            Maybe someday I'll try to craft something with Zig, who knows?

            By the way, K&R style is the only correct indentation style.
            I've been using Linux as my daily driver for more than five
            years, and I exclusively run open-source applications on it.
            For my professional needs, which involve proprietary software
            like Zoom and Webex, I'v set up a virtual machine.

            I use both Vim and Emacs (but for most of the time, Vim).
            With a focus sharper than a new set of parentheses, I've devoted my
            efforts to enhancing system reliability and maintainability, because
            I believe that software needs to absorb care and energy in order to
            get better with time.

            Armed with a robust Linux background, I delve into the heart of
            performance tuning and system-level troubleshooting.

            As an orchestral conductor expertly handles their instruments, I
            manage infrastructure, both on-prem and the cloud, at scale. I'm
            also a captain of a ship named Kubernetes.
            I enjoy contributing to open source projects whenever I have time.
            Check out my Github space in the SEE ALSO section to get a
            glimpse into the projects that I've been involved in recently.
        * Github:        https://github.com/yuankunzhang
        * StackOverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/users/756651
        * LinkedIn:      https://www.linkedin.com/in/yuankun-zhang-b1415b116/
YUANKUN(7)                 Linux Programmer's Manual                 YUANKUN(7)