My Dev Machine Setup

A few days ago, I had a home server build. Today I want to have a clean OS reinstallation on my development machine. The primary reason is that the root partition is almost full (due to short-sightness when I first set up this machine). Apart from that, there are several other issues that I want to tackle:

  • I got a lot of __common_interrupt: 1.55 No irq handler for vector errors during the system bootup. There’s a thread in the Arch Forum discussing this issue. I tried booting up the system with different kernel parameters, but none helped. Seems like the only solution is to upgrade the BIOS firmware.
  • I cannot use my bluetooth keyboard to input decryption key to decrypt the root partition, because the bluetooth service is locked in the root partition and it’s a chicken-egg problem. This is quite disturbing, everytime I restarted the machine, I had to wire in my USB keyboard just to input the decryption key.
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